Life Under Water

                   Life under water
Do you know how is life below the water?
Is it full of chaos or does it have discipline and order?
Orange,silver ,black, golden ,red all colourful fish going to school together
Holding each others hand as they bid goodbye to their mother.
What is the lesson the teacher has planned today?
Will it be like yesterday and make them happy and gay.
Will it be another lecture which had always sounded similiar
Learning how to  face danger and survive together,
Lobsters roaming around with starfish,
Communicating with each other about humans and their ways so selfish.
A group of dolphins  caught my  attention
All waiting for one another to jump without any apprehension.
They would  jump in and out of the water,
The lessons on survival were not for them to bother.
Just then a human threw a net and caught them all.
Life is beautiful under the water
But enemies on land make them suffer.

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