Father’s Words

It was the happiest day of her life.She was glowing with the success of her efforts.She had just uploaded the first cooking class of her mother.The response she got was tremendous .Her mother had got one million likes and had become an overnight sensation.
After the death of her father her mother had gone into depression.There was nothing that could make her happy,all the relatives and her close friends tried everything but in vain.
Gayatri,her daughter was a strong girl she knew she had lost her father but in no way she could let go of her only lifeline left .
One day while watching few youtube videos,an idea struck in her mind. She remembered her mother had always taken a keen interest in cooking.She had made up her mind.Her father often told her ,”you should always have an aim my dear child….an aimless person is like a pen without ink.”Her mother too had somehow become aimless,she had lost interest in life.The person she had wanted to be with throughout her life had left her leaving a void in her life forever.
Gayatri started invoking the interest of her mother in cooking once again.Next day onwards she demanded her mother to make different things for her.Her mother though reluctant tried to make whatever Gayatri demanded with the best of her ability.She soon started calling her friends home and with their help her mother gradually drifted her mind towards a new beginning.
She knew she could not get her father back but could atleast spot her father inside her mother in the form of an ink inside a pen.

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