They are in a turmoil no one knows
Looking elated as they get ready for their shows.

Maintaing a high profile and looking young and handsome.
A seed deep within them paving way for sadness and depression.

Surrounded by people the moment they come out,
Lonely they stand filled with millions of doubt.

Preaching with their acting is their talent,
Applying it in their lives they go silent.
With love in heart and fame in their mind
A lot of things at hand they want to bind.

Talking gives them a lot of monetary gain,
Yet they can’t use it to get rid of their pain.
They stand with one another looking very jovial,
Laughing loudly and sounding very cordial.

Lights flashing on them as they give their best,
Yet darkness inside them conspiring to put them at rest.

A precious life lost due to depression,
Was there no one to show compassion?
Followers on twitter and facebook he had a lot many,
but no true friend to reach out for -is the irony.
Dipti Joshi


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