A Military Wife

She was a civilian until she became a military wife,
Marching by his side to be
A true companion throughout life.

Having stayed and educated in a small town ,
she now moved to make the whole country her own .

Adapting and accepting any place to which he was sent ,
she became happy even though it meant to pitch their own tent.

Nervous she was when she attended her first dinner night ,
Meeting all the graceful ‘fauji’ wive’s as they shared their insight.

Packing and unpacking saw the test of her patience,
Gathering wonderful memories as they moved to a new station .

Ladies meet and welfare became the order of the day ,
soon standing by her counterparts made her happy and gay .

She stepped out of the house to make herself known ,
Little did she realise that time had come to leave for a place unknown.

Getting a posting to a field was a torture , since it meant staying away from her soldier.

Army revealed to her a strength uncommon ,
Taking pride in herself and becoming a confident woman.

Dipti Joshi

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